Peer reviewed publications

“Joining the Great Majority: An Analysis of Senate Deaths, 1919-2015,” (With Hanna K. Brant and L. Marvin Overby). Forthcoming. Social Science Quarterly.

“Dynamics of Senate Retirements,” (With L. Marvin Overby). 2017. Political Research Quarterly 70(1): 184-193. — Replication Data

Republicans prefer to serve in the Senate over the House: for them, it represents the ultimate realistic office. – London School of Economics US Politics and Policy Blog

Works in Progress

“Yielding the Floor for the Last Time: Senate Retirement Dynamics, 1919-2015,” (With Hanna K. Brant, Anurag Chandran, and L. Marvin Overby).

“Exiting the Continent: Euroscepticism and Voluntary Departures from the European Parliament.”

“Filling the Void: Retired Senators and Their Successors,” (With Hanna K. Brant and L. Marvin Overby).